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Tarlan Aero is a ground handling and fueling provider at all major airports of Kazakhstan and Central Asia operating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Ground Handling is an essential service at all airports. Did you arrive at Kazakhstan or any major airport of Central Asia? Be sure, Tarlan Aero – a company specialized in full range of flight support, fueling and operations services – will take care of your crews and passengers at the airport.

We do our job in a good and prompt manner! We know that time is valuable. Our main task is to save your time in search of fuel, transfer or accommodation, as well as catering services.
A wide network of agents and representatives, its continuous expansion, operation at all aerodromes of Kazakhstan and Central Asia, as well as urgent serviceability is a small but impressive list of our competitive advantages.

Do you need to land urgently, but the airport is unfamiliar to you? Do you require refueling? Do you have any other questions on airport handling? Please, call +7 701 5298111 or e-mail to ops@tarlan.aero. We solve your problems!



wide network of


Ground handling

Our team will easily keep crews from being lost at an unfamiliar airport, arrange all necessary steps and processes for turnaround, coordinate landing, urgently render first aid with regard to flight technical support.


Direct and long term agreements with the local suppliers allow us to arrange fuel at all major airports of Kazakhstan and Central Asia at a very short notice.

Flight support

Hotel accommodation of passengers and crews, transfer to a desired place, catering services – all of it can be done by our company allowing passengers and crews to forget about temporary discomfort.



Astana Intl Airport

Astana International Airport is the main air gate of the country, which serves 17 major airlines. Its airfield has been connecting countries of far- and near-abroad for many years.


Almaty Intl Airport

Almaty International Airport has become the first in the post-Soviet space, having ICAO IIIB category airfield. This puts it in line with the best airports in the world in relation to technological infrastructure.


Oral Intl Airport

Oral International Airport serves the city of Uralsk, which is the central point of West Kazakhstan region.


Aktobe Intl Airport

Aktobe International Airport, one of the main air harbors in Western Kazakhstan, is located in an important industrial area of ​​the country.


Sary-Arka Intl Airport

Sary-Arka International Airport is one of the largest airports in Central Kazakhstan. It is located near the city of Karaganda - the country's largest scientific and cultural center, which is ranked fourth in terms of population.


Atyrau Intl Airport

Atyrau International Airport is located 8 km from the city of Atyrau. The airport successfully serves Atyrau region, which specializes in fish and oil industries.


Aktau Intl Airport

Aktau International Airport is one of the most important airports of the Republic of Kazakhstan and is the third largest in terms of passenger and cargo transportation.


Aulie-ata Intl Airport

Aulie-Ata International Airport is located 15 km from the city of Taraz. At the present time it is one of the most promising air gates of Kazakhstan.


Shymkent Intl Airport

Shymkent International Airport is one of the most important air harbors in Southern Kazakhstan.