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Tarlan Aero is a company, without which ground handling operation would be time and effort consuming for you.
Please, feel like a VIP client and see how nice it is to get necessary services in a good, prompt and professional manner.

Do you urgently need to fuel an aircraft, but you have neither time nor desire to find an aviation fuel supplier? Or: Do your passengers and crews need high quality and proper ground handling? No problems! We will provide you with the best and prompt servicing.

Ground Handling

Our team will easily keep crews from being lost at an unfamiliar airport, arrange all necessary steps and processes for turnaround, coordinate landing, urgently render first aid with regard to flight technical support.


Direct and long term agreements with the local suppliers allow us to arrange fuel at all major airports of Kazakhstan and Central Asia at a very short notice.

Flight support

Hotel accommodation of passengers and crews, transfer to a desired place, catering services – all of it can be done by our company allowing passengers and crews to forget about temporary discomfort.


Besides, if you urgently need to land at one of the airports, where we operate, or get an overflight permission, our team is the first to assist you.

We are at your service the clock round. It does not matter at what airport in Central Asia you arrive, just call +7 701 5298111 or e-mail to ops@tarlan.aero to get necessary services.